Hi! My name is Eleni


My name is Eleni Pagonopoulou and I was born on the 18 of August 1982 in Xanthi, Thrace, Greece. I grew up and still live in Athens, Greece.


At first I studied Environmental Engineering at the Democritus University of Thrace. Then I took a turn and studied Pharmacy at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. After obtaining my license I started my own Pharmacy in Vrilissia, Athens, Greece. I have also studied Homeopathy at the Hellenic Homeopathic Company and Psychotherapy at the Center for Psychotherapy and Counselling “Wilhelm Reich”.


My studies have provided me with strong credentials and social status which allowed me to navigate society with greater ease. On the other hand medical studies have rules, regulations and scope of practice. This narrows the possibility of inviting new approaches when you exercise such a profession. From my perspective, the medical system is more focused on fixing problems that are the end result of a sequence of imbalances in the body, rather than being focused on the core imbalance. Its approach is based more on fear and less on abundance.


I take great pride in the breadth of my personal studies, which extend far beyond the confines of a specific time frame or formal credentials. These studies encompass the diverse tapestry of my life experiences, the books I have chosen to read, the inspiring courses I have taken, the mountains I have climbed, the seas I have swum in, and the wide range of emotions I have felt. In this educational journey, there is no need for multiple choice questions to validate my understanding. Instead, I draw wisdom and information from my own creativity, deep emotions, and the resonance that arises within me through my experiences and understanding. This intuitive knowledge serves as my inner guide, showing me my path. I access it by embracing wonder, dreaming, playing, asking questions, and remaining open to new learnings and understandings.


I will briefly mention the knowledge that I have been connected with so far.

  • Our body, mind, spirit is one unity. Constantly exchanging information and re-presenting itself.             .
  • We are part of the earth.
  • We are connected to each other, to animals, to plants, to the earth. We are all one.
  • Our natural state of being is experiencing bliss, love, abundance and connection.
  • Fear, shame, guilt and negative programming makes us experience separation.
  • Separation makes us lose our sense of love, harmony, balance, power and we start seeking them from sources outside of us.
  • When we look outside to find what we already have within, we separate ourselves from us. We lose ourselves. We silence our intuition. We become unable to reach the innate wisdom that is in our cells. We forget our purpose. We become unable to realise that each one of us is unique. And that the universe needs our uniqueness, Us to be Us, because the more we express Us the more the universe experiences Itself. This is evolution. This is life.
  • Life is biodiverse. Not monoclonal. Monoclonal ecosystems in nature equal death.
  • Our physiology is an extremely diverse and abundant ecosystem.
  • Scans, exams and tests will never be able to explain our physiology because they are not able to collect all the required data. And our brains are not able to process them.
  • We are 99,9% vacuum space. All the information of our oneness exists in this space. At the quantum level which hasn't been decoded.
  • We are multidimensional beings.
  • We are energy using matter for the expression of life (Dr. Joe Dispenza).
  • Our soul is our vibration, our electromagnetic field which organizes itself in our mother’s wombs. In the beginning one cell, which divides itself in two and so on and then differentiates in order to form our heart, liver, etc. Our souls make up 99,9% of the vacuum space. This vacuum space, holds all the information at the quantum level (Zach Bush MD).
  • Improvement of health comes from: looking within, accepting that we have worries and fears but we are not defined by them, following without judging our intuition, trusting that our body is wise and has all the resources to heal itself, reforming our relationship with everything (food, breath, exercise, loved ones).
  • Our world will change when we start respecting birth, giving mothers the resources they need to come out of fear consciousness and give birth exactly as they dream. Giving permission to their babies to express their authentic selves from the first moment their souls arrive on earth. Providing them with the feeling, the resonance  that they are loved, respected, abundant, accepted, cherished, nourished and all their needs are met so that they are free to express whatever they have come here to express.
  • Our world will change when each of us commits to getting out of fear consciousness and taking 100% responsibility of our lives; our actions, choices, emotions, thoughts, values. And tune in to the vibration of love.


My personal journey within started at the age of 17 when I lost my dearest mother, named Mary, to ovarian cancer, and this journey continues to this day. I separated from myself from my early years; I subconsciously wired myself that in order to receive love I had to silence my needs, my emotions, my imagination, to excel in my every endeavour, to be obedient. In my early adult life, I didn’t have the resources and the tools in order to take responsibility of my life, I spend most of my time in victim mode.


I imagine this world to be a place where we all feel that we are connected with each other and everything that surrounds us. A place where our relationship with ourselves, with our close ones, with society, with animals, with plants, with the earth is balanced, harmonious and peaceful.  Where everyone is celebrated for being himself/herself. A place where we spend more time tuned in to the vibration of love and creation.


I am here to support women giving birth as they dream. And to connect with anyone experiencing separation, conflict, dis-ease, who is committed to change, in order to witness them, heal themselves.