Release fear, shame, guilt.

Give birth in your power and tune in to the vibration of Love.

Release fear, shame, guilt.

Give birth in your power and tune in the vibration of Love.

Your body intuitively knows exactly what to do.

Birth is a physiological process.

This means that your body already has the knowledge of how to bring a spirit into earth, transform energy into matter, and give birth.

You are the creator of life and your cells have known this since you were an embryo in your mother’s womb.

¨Birth just happens,¨ as Yolande Norris-Clark says.

Birth, breath, digestion and elimination are physiological processes. They happen without us having to do anything, to think about them, or plan how to do them.

These processes tend to unfold effortlessly when we refrain from imposing our thoughts, fears, or negative programming upon them. By trusting our bodies and surrendering to these innate processes, they occur more easily and naturally.

Being in a familiar environment,

With low lighting,

Surrounded by your close loved ones,

Who don’t stare at you, but simply  hold space and offer support when and if you need them.

Creates the safest environment for letting the process of birth unfold.

Hormones released from the baby signal the initiation of the birth process to the mother.

The mother’s body has receptors that receive this signal and responds by releasing other hormones that the baby's receptors can receive. 

Mother – baby communicate at a deeper level, not by using their minds, not with effort, they just do. It’s their nature.

Science has translated this communication with words like oxytocin, estrogen, progesterone and catecholamines.

For me, it’s a delicate dance; a hormone dance between mother and baby.

Birth is designed to open the mother physically, spiritually, mentally. It is the Portal which allows energy to transform into matter.

Pregnancy is not a dis-ease that should be monitored by doctors and exams. Pregnancy is a rite of passage for a maiden to become a mother, or for a mother to become a mother of more children.

Pregnancy is a transformative period in a woman’s life. It’s an opportunity to release anything that doesn’t serve her as she becomes a mother. In order to create, first you destroy. It’s a cosmic law. Discomfort and grief during pregnancy should be welcomed and respected. They are signs that the pregnant woman is transforming herself.


Hi! My name is Eleni 


I live in Greece. My studies are Environmental Engineering, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy. My passion is supporting people to remember their innate wisdom and heal themselves mentally-spiritually-physically. And my greatest passion is supporting women in giving birth physiologically, in their power, healing themselves, their lineage, and the world.



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Have you already given birth in the system or outside it and haven’t integrated your experience yet?

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Do you want more children but find yourself a bit unwilling to enter the birthing space again and would like to be more into it?

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